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40th anniversary and counting

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Well with the beginning of next year we will mark the 40th anniversary in from Dalaras career in his singing debut. Some may even say its this year with the 45 lp release he had back in 1967, while others will argue its not until 2009 with his 1st official personal release album.

In any event, 1968 marks the 1st time Dalaras appeared on Vinyl and was of course on a participation album. Along the ways and decades later, it is said, he has sold I heard counting in Greece and abroad more then 10 million sales from his recordings. I lost track of how many concerts he has given outside of Greece since that time. More then 500 I last heard a while back.

So with all that said, what do we as fans have to look forward too now for Dalaras' 40th anniversary?

It is wonderful Dalaras still sings and has not retired yet despite how tired and aged his voice has become now. Lets face its not the same and I for one sure miss the Old Dalaras and still have a hard time recognizing it today how it sounds. But regardless, sad as it may be, its apart of life and we have to accept it.

However as you may recall, 3 years ago or so Dalaras and several other artists colloborated to pay homage or tribute to the late Bithikotsis while he was still alive of course in honor of the mans works and musical career.

Is there no one today in Greece who is willing to do the same now for Dalaras? Surely Dalaras has many good friends still in contact whom he has helped over the years to launch their careers off.

Also instead of giving us more tributes to the Great Late composers

why not have Universal or Minos EMI release a new Music Box 2

or something equivalent to that like a box of DVDs for example.

Say of something of all the highlghted tours Dalaras has done from the 80s to 2005 lets say.

Would about all those great missing treasures we've discovered only recently in the past like the colloboration Dalaras did with Jethro Tull,

of "Ruby Tuesday", the Live participation with Sting "Mad about You",

The spanish versions of "Mi Milas" & Topes".

All the Great solos he's done with Nikolopoulos and the Live participation concerts hes sung with Al Dimela and Paco De Lucia,

Show them on Video or re-release on cd for example?

How about Dalaras personal recordings he has yet to release?

We still have not heard them has we don't know when he's going to release them and doesn't matter if its with the new Dalaras sound or Old Dalaras one, The thing is we've been waiting for these now almost forever. Now is a good time to release them either on a full cd from a new music box.

And the list goes on and on

Surely he has sung some rare songs LIVE in the past thats never been released and so and so on.

A DVD alone could show some highlights from his great moments

like the Tenta Concert he sang with Alexiou and sang that one American song "Its raining" and the concert video he did in Germany back in 1995 with the Jazz Singer Joselyn (shoot I forget her last name now) but you know what I'm talking about.

And highlights with Emma Shapling and Dulce Pontes too.

What do you all think?

Hristaki I look forward to hearing your thoughts as well

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40th anniversary and counting , what, where, when, and who

Christo, you forgot the why? :wow: :lol: :)

Well put Hristaki

and to put it all that into effect I think would take more then 2 years just too assemble forth and put it to manufacture. Just think of all the original data of resources they need from: as to put forth all the video clips and re-master or re-record all the songs once again for us?

So to answer your question

What, where, when and WHY

we forget one more

final important one,

and that is,,,



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The best tribute, in my opinion, remains the following of the fans who continue to buy your CDs and go to your concerts.

In addition to all the useful (and long overdue) propositions by Christo about unreleased records - I think the club fans can think about something original to commemorate the Dalaras anniversary. I have one idea - but won't disclose until seen some more interest.

And of course, he is young, and anniversaries can bring bitter feelings, too - especially, when the media is all over you with stupid questions about retirement :)

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Well since this was mine and Hristakis idea to post this

perhaps I can shed some new light to the picture.


hey there's no lightbulb here so it will have to do


First in response to Natalie,

well the obvious is quite true Nat.

The fans will most likely still buy the cds and pay to see him in concert.

That much kind of goes without saying so'

But since this a mile stone and one does not reach a 40th musical anniversay all the time,

we thought it would be special if the Greek music industry (recording studios that is) did something wonderful to honor dalaras and his fans with somehting a bit more extra just as they did 10 years ago for his 30th anniversary.

WIth that said, another wonderful member p/m me to say she can annouce this message personally to dalaras and that others here will have their voice in say so as well. I'm more or less keeping it hush hush right now until i hear its okay to post as How in public.


This maybe the same attribute idea Vitaly has in mind but alas she too is also waiting to see some more activity here.

so come no guys

dont be shy

and don't let us down!!


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This maybe the same attribute idea Vitaly has in mind but alas she too is also waiting to see some more activity here.

Hi, Christo

I don't know what they did 10 years ago. Would you shed some light.?

As for my idea- it has something to do with personal commemoration, like dedicate your own achievement to someone you respect very much.

And it involves travel to Greece. :D

(this I can leave on my personal list - and join in a communal commemoration that you and others have in mind).

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Sure thing Vitaly

more tthen 10 years ago now

Minos EMI released a beautiful collection on the works of George Dalaras. It was something annouced here in the old site

but was never really informed as to what it would entail other then it would be expensive to buy. But to any Dalaras fan

It is a Collectors Item and virtually priceless!!!!

Well by the time it came out it was called the Music Box

and what a treasure it was.

It had a compilation of some the best Highlights that Dalaras has ever recorded in his history from both Studio and Live.

And had featured in a set on cds participation songs again both Live and from Studio most if not all from that time the songs he recorded that were so difficult and yet still so hard to find even from today.

A total of 8 musical cds '

Plus a bonus CD ROM

at that time there were as of yet no DVDs

So it showed a chronological set of data when his albums were recorded and released plus a few mini video clips on it. Most were small footage from his concerts he gave from in the late 80s.

There was also a Booklet to show the same exact thing and give a vivid detailed biography on Dalaras life and background adapting to the performer he became of today.

The cd jackets gives a wonderful description from the time the 1st - 50 Hronia Rebetiko album was released to picture scenes of his concerts here in the states such as the benefit one for Cyprus held at the Meadowlands Arena; That gig alone sold #1 on the top Billboard Charts in America. More so then any other US performer!!

It was definately a Big Highlight of Dalaras and when his voice was Prime Cut.

In fact it was a such a best seller it had sold all its copies of 5,000 boxes manufactured. But the last I heard they re-made and distributed another 5,000 copies since the 1st batch was so popular right away from the 1st year it came out or so but I lost the count on the last figure last held now.

perhaps Hristaki can shed some light

on the last number sold

His figures are much better then mine if not more accurate


So 10 years later now we would like to see something equivalent to this again and call it a refresh update from the last 10 years left out.


Btw, Hristaki if you know the answer, which batch sold out first the ones in Greece or outside of Greece?

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That's interesting, Christo, it's the first time I see such a detailed description of the Music Box. I am not sure if a second one is a good idea, it seems to me 10,000 copies are very few to meet the needs of the fans - only a few people who can afford will be able to buy them. I think maybe a DVD would be a better idea and would not seem like a repeat or a sequel.

Actually Natalie

that is the whole point to this discussion.

The first Music Box I'll agree with you that I don't think it can be trumped

nor made better.

However, if you look at our 1st posts from both me & Hristaki wrote, it can be added on too include:

His music video clips he had from his songs in the 80s. 90s, and even from today, His own personal works, songs from other vocalists & recording artists he's colloborated with on Live venues thats never made it to CD or DVD. And other rare stuff thats still yet to be released.

So that the end result would be of something new & different that we never have had in the past and to make it in the present now.

This way its not re-inventing the wheel by giving us the same songs we already have now from before. With that said, does it make more sense now to release something like this?

In other words, don't give us something we already heard or have, give us something treasurable from the past that we don't have or heard from before.


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The first edition of 5,000 came with errors... the re-release of the additional 5,000, had the corrections.

With the re-release of the 'Mousiko Kouti', Minos EMI didn't consult with Giorgo in releasing them. (Dalaras's wish, was to keep them limited to 5,000). It was Anna that consented to their release, without Giorgo knowing about it! When he found out, he was upset! :music: :music:

Greece, was the first, to sell out of the 'Mousiko Kouti'.

I remember GreekCity in Toronto, trying to re-order them, after they sold out of their supplies and was not able to do so.

Oh Hristaki

Considering what Anna did the right thing by ordering another 2nd set of copies to be distritbuted,

Why on Earth would Giorgio be mad for??

What could he possibly be thinking? What to only give the fans in Greece a set of the box and not offer it to the rest of the fans abroad?

It's like sparing your right hand to cut your left hand off!!

especailly since the 1st batch had some errors in it as you said.

Incidentally, would you kindly remind us again as to what errors you're referring too,.

Afterall your figures look so much more righ then mine




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Christo, please bring your flashlight and shed some more light in here, because it is rather dark. Are the songs in all those CD's in the Music Box previously unreleased?

Hey Natalie

almost 95% of the music box cds are previously released material.

and only a a few songs at best no more then 3-5 have never been released.

For example: the Jethro Tull song of John Barleycorn..

A couple Rembetika songs that never made it on the Original 50 Xronia Rembetiko, And a couple Live Recordings that were never released either. One of the Live recordings can now be found on Dalaras Live & Unplugged called: Logia Klithomena

although this rendition is a different mix from here in the music box.

All the rest have been previously released.

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What is that Jethro Tull song, Christo? Is that the title of the song? I thought it is the name of a singer.

Btw, not in the topic but do you know if Dalaras has ever sung in German?


the song is called: ' John Barleycorn '

from the group ' Jethro Tull '

and no clue if he ever sung in German

perhaps Anna

can shed some new light to this picture

as she is from Germany and has seen Dalaras many times

in her home town. So that if Dalaras was to ever sung anything in German, it only makes sense it would be while he was in Germany and not in Greece or England, Australia etc.,

Geske might know as well since she too is very close to Germany and seen Dalaras on European tours from the past.

Ladies can you help answer this question for us?

btw Natalie, why so interested if Dalaras in German and not french lets say or russian?


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dont forget Nat he's been to Israel many times too

and come to think of it, there have been a couple of songs now

that he does sing in Hebrew I think only for the popularity of being there so many times.

But then I think the Hebrew language is more closer to the Greek language then is the German language.

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