H Dimosthenous Lexis

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Hi Soc

After you return from Saratoga,

could you mind also to decipher this one for us?

'I Dimosthenous Lexis'

   from what I understand, this song has great history behind the meaning of the lyrics.

It has something to do with political I'm sure and I just love the arrangements on this Rock tune as its expressed by Dalaras.

 In fact from what I've been told, in Greece they teach the history in the senior year of high school so it definetaly relates to this song.

  And when Savvopoulos wrote it, I heard its sung differently then the Rock version that Dalaras sings in it.

       Many Thanks in advance.

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Demosthenous Leksis (the word of Demosthenis)

When I get out of this prison, nobody will wait for me

the roads will be empty, and my city even stranger to me

all the cafes will be closed, and all my friends will be abroad

the wind will be dragging me, when I get out of this prison

And the sun will fall asleep, on Olynthos' remains

my friends and enemies will look as they came from a myth

orators and thiefs will stand in fornt of me, stoned-dead

beggers and prostitutes, will stand in front of me, stoned-dead

I 'll stand in front of the gate, with the blankets under my arm

and by moving my head slowly, I will greet the guard

with no will, no god, like a king in an ancient tragedy

I will say the word and the letter, I will stand in front of the gate

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next time someone tells me history is dead and irrelevant, I'll stone them with this.

first though I have to acquire the song.

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I have another crime to confess.

One more onto the record of your barbarian.

Reading this translation when it was posted, I did not recognize the song. But I had it. Had had it for ten years. Had heard it countless times. It's on the tape of the Attikon concert. It got ignored, sort of... ;) !!!

Excuse? Ehhhhh...

it comes right after Στο ιδιο εργο θεατες and almost any tune would seem pale compared to that? those stupid girls squeaking background vocals? Not the faintest notion what it was about? Titles all but illegible (not counting the copying mistakes) on the tape cover?

:razz:  all the same.

Anyway, mistake repaired, I have now HEARD it. As in, shut the f*ck up and listen. So this is to apologize for being deaf, and to thank Soc for the words, and Kate for the fresh tape.

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