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Sodoma (music, lyrics: Dimitris Lagios)

In the Land of Sodoma, the land of fear and terror,

two nights before it's destruction,

I was poking in the ashes, a lost map

to find out what the future said about this land

And I took the road, to where the outlaws are hanging out

but my advices got waisted,

all men, the scoundrels, wearing skirts,

my home is full of them, and so is my yard

There were also three teachers who knew about graft

better than they knew the books

because their generation was a wound on their beggary

and they betrayed friends and friendship

For a little sin they were looking for customers

and the angels were selling their wings

and they were gambling with god's word

and they were giving their secrets away to the dogs

In the Land of Sodoma.......

And I was looking in the mud, what love can turn into

how it comes on this world and falls so low

they are melting, struggling in hardship to see you grow

and you are spitting the stars in the mirror


Another hard one. And whoever thinks that D. Lagios had in mind biblical times when he wrote it, is of course seriously mistaken

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I did not take a detailed look at your translation but I can imagine that it was hard work. We have to do it with lyrics by the perhaps most απαιτητικός (what's the English word? B)) lyrics-writer of Greece: Manos Elevtheriou (not Lagios, as you write). I admire him very much though in most of the cases I am by far too "silly" to understand all the meaning of his lyrics.

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Michael gets the credit. The lyrics man is Manos Eleftheriou and me, I apologize for not checking the cd "Erotiki Prova" which was half a meter away. Instead I opened a new wondow and found the song in this websote. So, Nikola, when you come back from Vathres, and after you deal with the mess. please change that in the lyrics section, so we can give Mr. Eleftheriou the credit.

Michael, apaititikos=demanding

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