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A "Christmas song..." :-)

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It's a song, one of my (many) favourites, which I usually listen to it this time of the year... As well as the whole CD with the collaboration of Dalaras and Bregovits. It's kind of a winter CD for me...


  Είναι μια λέξη που με έχει σακατέψει,

  είναι μια λέξη που παντού μ' ακολουθεί

  και μου ζητάει λογαριασμό βράδυ πρωί

  "γιατί", δεν τη θέλω άλλο πια, την έχω βαρεθεί.

  Κάλαντα και τρίγωνα,

  κάθε Χριστούγεννα θυμάμαι ένα παιδί

  μες το θυμό βουτηγμένο σ' ένα πελώριο γιατί.

  Ψίθυρος και κραυγή, πληγή που αιμορραγεί.

  κάθε στιγμή στη ζωή μου ένα μεγάλο γιατί.

  Δυο τρία όνειρα που είχαν απομείνει

  μπήκαν ενέχυρο και μείναμε ταπί.

  O τοκογλύφος θα μας στείλει φυλακή,

  Ελένη όλους μας στην πλάτη σου μας έχει φορτωθεί.

         A SONG FOR ELENI F.

  There is a word that has crippled me,

  a word that follows me everywhere

  and asks me for answers morning and night,

  "why", I don't want it anymore, I'm bored of it.

  Carols and triangles,

  each Christmas I remember a child

  plunged in anger, in a huge why.

  Whisper and scream, a wound that is bleeding.

  Every moment of my life a great why.

  Two three dreams that remained

  have been in pawn and we are left broke.

  The usurer will send us to jail,

  Eleni, you have taken all of us in your back.

By the way, does anyone knows to whom the song is reffering to? Who is Eleni? :)  :xmas:  :xmas:

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Niki, Eleni F. is Eleni Foka, a teacher in the occupied territories of Cyprus. Despite the hard time, she remained in her homeland to be able to teach to the remaining children, who didn't want to become refugees, although they can be considered refugees in their own place. This woman is remarkable, the least that can be said. Another woman did the same, her name I think is Giannoula Vasileiou.

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Isn't he a goldmine, our Nikolas?

As a small contribution, I copy here the "official" translation, the one from the booklet of "Thessaloniki - Yannena with two canvas shoes" (that's the title, yes, of the international release :D  )

There is word which has crippled me,

there is word that follows me everywhere

and demands accountability night and morning.


I cannot stand it any longer

I am bored of it.

Carols and triangles

Every Christmas I have the recollection of a child

Steeped in anger and in a colossal "why".

Whisper and cry,

a wound which is bleeding,

every moment of my life

a whopping "why".

Two or three left-over dreams

were put in pawn and we were broke,

the loan-shark will put us in jail

Eleni, you carry all our burden

on your shoulders.

Not bad, this one, is it? Tough, not better than yours, Niki, I should say. And I'm ready to bet that this one wasn't done by a native speaker of English either.

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