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Gynaika (to be correct: Thanos Mikroutsikos, Nikos Kavadias)

Dance on the shark's wing

play the wind with your tongue and go

in some places they called you Judith, in some others Maria

a snake and a (smerna) are ripping eachother off on the rock

(smerna: now, that's a word I don't know. The creature that looks like an eel but it 's wilder and more dangerous)

I 've been in a hurry since I was a kid but now I am taking my time

A cement (concrete) machine left me in the world and it's whistling

Your hand that touched my thin hair

it almost broke me for a moment but now it can't define me

Colored (painted), with the red moonlight on you

full of seaweed and blossom, an amphibiam fate

riding a horse with no saddle and no bridle

for the first time, in cave in Altamira

The seagal jumps to blind the dolphin

Why are you looking at me? I 'll remind you where you saw me

On the sand, I had blinded you upside down

that night when they founded the pyramids

Colored (painted), with a sick light on you

you are thirsty for gold, take, look for, count

Here, next to you, I am staying still for years

how can you turn to, fate, death and rock


Wow, that was hard. I am afraid that the English version can never catch the magic of the lyrics that Kavadias had in mind. I did my best. One small detail. The actual poem is a little bigger. I translated (or I tried) the part that George is singing. BE NICE

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Soc, you are a brave man indeed, a real pallikari!

You deserve to be knighted ...and a big hug, for sure !

(smerna = murene (en franηais), a typical an dangerous mediterranean monster ! My english dictionnary says 'moray eel' ???? )

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Yes, moray or moray eel is correct. What a beast, brr.

I've loved that song for ten years and did not know till how very beautiful it is.

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Geeske has realized how very rash it was to promise to do a French version! this is not only a song, but great poetry.

Work is in progress but it may take a year or two unless someone helps me.

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