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  Hi Soc

Its me again

 what do you say I ask to trouble you again

  for another translation.


 I have no idea what Aeriko means

  so if you wound't mind deciphering this one, I'd appreciate it  and thanks for all your efforts.


 BTW, Aeriko

   is from the Classical cd album

      'Laiki Agora'

 written by Manos Hadzidakis

    and Stixoi by Nikos Gatsos

  Thanks again

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  A difficult one this time...First,Αερικό in greek means fairy,pixie,brownie.Here is my effort to translate this little masterpiece:



1-2.Fairy is(called) the maiden I love (twice)

3.I went out one evening and I saw children playing(on the road)

4.But far away in the sky there was playing a distant star

5-6.Fairy is (called) the flower I love(twice)

7.I went to found a goldsmith to make a golden ring

8.But the finger was small and bitter was the smile

9-10.Fairy are (called) those eyes I love(twice)

11.Now I shall light a fire (there) at the cypresses of South(wind)

12.And on the highest top (of them)I'll have you  as a mother and sister

13-14.Fairy is (called) the love I love

    I can see that the outcome is a bit confusing ,but believe me those lyrics of Nicos Gatsos are nearly a poem ,and you should know how difficult is to translate poetry.Even a Greek could find many problems in understanding completely this song.

    I hope I've helped you.

                   Gazakas(or Antonis if you prefer)

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 Thanks Gazakas

  It certainly does help

At least now I have an understanding to whats being interpreted.


 And poetry in any language can be tough to decipher.

  Just look at Shakespeare when he says,

"It is Anon"



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