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Σε βρήκα πάλι

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Σε βρήκα πάλι

Μίλτος Σέλλας - Ηρακλής Παντόπουλος

I found you again

Έτσι όπως σβήνει η φωτιά κι ανάβει το φεγγάρι -//- Now when the fire is dying and the moon rising -

σβήνει ο κύκλος της παλιάς, παραξενής ζωής -//- is fading also the cycle of that strange life that passed,

και νέος κύκλος ξεκινά αλλού για να με πάρει -//- and a new cycle is rising to take me out of here

κλεισμένος στ' αμπάρι μιας άλλης φυγής. -//- where I am being locked in a hold of another escape.

Σε βρήκα πάλι να περνάς σε ένα αστέρι πάνω -//- I found you again - on a star passing above,

σε ένα βαθύ γαλάζιο φως τα μάτια σου λουσμένα -//- in a deep-blue light your eyes splashing,

εκεί που ξέρεις να πετάς εγώ ποτέ δε φτάνω -//- there, where you know how to fly, I could never reach

όμως παράξενες τροχιές σε φέρνουνε σ' εμένα.-//- and still some strange orbit paths bring you to me.

Και τότε παίρνεις τ' όπλο σου πάλι -//- And then again you pull your weapon out

και μου ζητάς να σου παραδοθώ -//- and demand for my surrender,

αδειάζεις τις σφαίρες -//- you open the fire

και πατάς τη σκανδάλη -//- pressing the trigger -

πάλι στα ψέματα να σκοτωθώ. -//- to kill me again with lies.

Και το φεγγάρι πέθανε και μαύρισε η νύχτα -//- And now the moon is dead, the night pitch-dark,

τ' αστέρια χίλιες πυρκαγιές ψηλά στον ουρανό -//- the stars are burning high in the sky like thousands of fires.

τα θάυματα και τα σπαθιά -//- The miracles and the swords

που σου 'χούν μείνει δείχ 'τα -//- that you still keep - show me them,

στης θάλασσας ριχ' τα το μαύρο βυθό. -//- throw them into the black abyss of the sea.

Στο φως με σπρώχνουν συνεχώς -//- I am being pushed into the light

μα εγώ ζητάω να βρώ -//- but I am asking for that dark

το σκοτεινό δομάτιο που 'ναι τα περασμένα -//- room where the past is hiding,

στη μέση στέκεται εσύ -//- and you are staying in the middle,

φοράς φουστάνι μαύρο και γύρο σου κύκλοι κεριά -//- in a black dress, surrounded by candles

που σβήνουν ένα ένα. -//- that are dying one-by-one.


Translator's note:

A beautiful poem by Iraklis Padopoulos - images cycling in whimsical orbits and rings.


Another life, another cycle, another orbit

pierced with an arc of someone's squinting eyes.

But staying on one path would make my soul morbid

and I prefer to be distracted by the lies.

To kill with lies! It sounds so easy

but life is rolling forward still in cycles.

The moon will come, refresh the night with a breezy

sound of fate that's throwing gambling dice.

The sun is so round and so scorching -

I look at the menora of the moon.

So what if candles are dying in the morning?

Another round of years will bring more soon.

Too bad, my friend, that sometimes it's so round,

your trust in grammar, words and so on.

That's why with a fresh new game you are still bound

to misconception of the right and wrong.

Lets keep the orbits curved and acrched and yielding

to stupid errors and to friendships imperfect.

Lets not evaluate by formulas the feelings.

All colors are legitimate to that effect.


In shade of poetry doesn't sleep imagination

revived by the music's own fan of lies.

The fountain of truth - a devil's recreation -

will make our lives as a crumbling cement dry.

Sing, poet! You alone know the meaning

behind the various shades of lie and truth.

Who has imagination can still see you, leaning

over the edge of non-existent fountain of youth.

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