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Helsinki 23/05/2010

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The tour is over,

:) almost, as we still have the concert in Istanbul.

Anyway, its time for me to write down a bit.

First of all I say thank you to all who visited concerts and gave already reports with special details, list of the songs and highlights of the concerts, you tube impressions etc.. And not to forget the many photos and marvellous ones!!! Especially for the photos Im very thankful, as I didnt take a lot.

My next thank you is for the group of boys who take care of the technic, sounds, lights and the building up and down the stage. Not once, not twice, no 13 times they did. And in between, travelling and waiting. Thank you for your work and patience.

A special thank you to Nelly, the one who is organizing and doing a lot of paper work!

And of course a thank you to all who were involved with building up this tour!!!!

The musicians, well, a thank you isnt enough!!! They deserve much more. Of course they got already a lot of applause at the end of each concerts and sometimes even during, as their arts and efforts are incredible. Thank you!!

Despina and Michalis, an extra bravo and thank you for your performing and singing. After Belgrad, Despina had the honour to sing Theos an einai. First I was a bit disappointed, but she took the song and performed it together with the musicians, as powerful (in some parts) and smooth (in some parts) as it has to be, thank you.

With her interpretation of Cancao do Mar she got a lot of applause, every where, and won a lot of credit by the audience!

Michalis? Him and Giorgos Skordalos performed like always.

But, this always is unbelievable!!!!!!! Extraordinary!!!!!!! A lot of applause, sometimes standing ovations!!!!! I dont find words to describe how much the audience liked these parts of the concerts!!!!!!! Thank you, and especially as it didnt look as if it is routine, no!! Every night strong, powerful, as if its the first time, not boring at all! Thank you!!!!

And Dalaras???

The reaction of the audience, already when he came on stage, without having done something, if you dont see, you wont believe!!

His voice, so strong, all over the time no sign of tiredness, no sign of wear!! His performing, his contacts with the audience, his smiling, beautiful! His playing the guitar, the baglama and the tsouras, outstanding!!!!! His efforts and actions seemed to be so easy! And not one night, or two, no 13 times!!!!! I cant believe he will retire soon!!!!!!!!! He did it so well!!! Thank you!!!

And Giorgos???

I wish and hope that he got a lot from this tour, a lot for himself

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Dear Anna

Thank you so much for this. And let's not forget a big thank you to you - for being there all the way and telling us how it was!! It must have been wonderful. Looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul.

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I will like to thank you, Anna, also very much, for being always there ( it was wonderful to meet you every time I was there) and summarizing our feelings, our impressions, our gratitude to all who participated on this amazing tour, on the stage and back stage, especially to the musicians and, of course, first and foremost GEORGE DALARAS.

I wish that you will enjoy the next Encore Tour (because it is surely not the last) too, and I am looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul!

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Thank you very much,Anna, for this! :)

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Τα τραγουδια που ακουστηκαν στο Ελσινκι

1 Ορχηστρικό

2 Γι' αυτό υπάρχουνε οι φίλοι - χαιρετισμός

3 Όταν πέφτει το βράδυ

4 ’στρα μη με μαλώνετε

5 Μια βραδιά στο Λεβερκούζεν

6 Ο δρόμος είναι δρόμος

7 Πάμε γι αλλού

8 Ανεμολόγιο

9 Την πόρτα ανοίγω το βράδυ

10 Σαν τον μετανάστη

11 Οι ελεύθεροι κι ωραίοι

12 Παραπονεμένα λόγια

13 Ηταν 5, ηταν 6 - Ολα καλα

14 Ορχηστρικό - Ήτανε μια φορά

15 Έγινες πουλί

16 ’σπρο περιστέρι

17 Τα βεγγαλικά σου μάτια

18 Το πεπρωμένο

19 Καράβια στη στεριά

20 Κι αν σε θέλω

21 Τι είναι αυτό που μας ενώνει

22 ’ν υπάρχει λόγος

23 Καπου νυχτωνει

24 Στα χρονια της υπομονης

25 Ευδοκια (σολο τζουρας)

26 Αντιλαλουν οι φυλακες

27 Ξημερωνει και βραδιαζει

28 Καλή τύχη - παρουσίαση μουσικών

29 Τώρα τα πουλιά

29 Όσο βαρούν τα σίδερα

30 Το τέρτιν της καρδούλας μου

31 Της αμύνης τα παιδιά

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:mad: sorry for letting you wait so long, but here we go

to Helsinki

look which welcome I got

thank God next day it was a bit better, so here are some impressions

Finlandia Hall

and the entrance


Giorgos Dalaras is getting his welcome

Despina Olympiou

Michalis Tzouganakis

and some more of Giorgos Dalaras

starting the encore, a little fight with the belt of the guitar

but he won :wacko:

the end

thank you and good-bye to the musicians

thank you and good-bye to the audience

and his good-bye to stage, for some weeks :mad:


outside it was still light


Καπου νυχτωνει (which was not on the list), once again so emotional and once again my eyes more than wet

Αντιλαλουν of course with the 4th verse, what a joy to see him perform, he raised from stool as if he wanted to reach heaven, and he did!!!

Μη μου θυμώνεις μάτια μου he forgot :)

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Thank you,Anna! :wacko:

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