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Poems about Dalaras or Greek musical topics

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francois thank you very much for your poem! I can't think anythink more beautifull than this!  ;) Thank you again!

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Kalispera, Francois, and thanks once more for your words!

I am writing this looking again at the Niki and her photo is now exactly next to the one of Giorgos Dalaras, this my most beloved one, from a cover of "Trelloi kai angeloi". Even his movement is a bit similar, I see now.

(I wish I have met him this time, as the photo was being made).

Φως και φωτια...

And I was dancing today again, to some songs of the album of Giannis Spanos. The beginnig of "nea kima", so about 1960.


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Yassas, friends,

I liked the words of Francois to me so much, that I decided to write a couple of sentences, too. I don't want it to be called "poetry", it's truth and I was trying to write as simply as possible. Only these "wings", from the countless birds στα τραγουδια του Γιωργου and last but not least from the Niki I saw and could admire last week.

The text is without a needed accent, I don't know, how to put it by the letters written in a computer

My greatest joy is to write it in HIS language and to understand the oldest  Greek words in my life.

Quotation: "Με επιεκεια παρακαλω " (1993).


Σαν ημουνα παιδι και εγω

μου βοηθουσες

για κοιμηση,

και μπαμπας ειχε δακρια στα ματια του.

Περασαν τοσα χρονια.

Μπορω να τραγουδησω,

ξερω τους χορους,

και με γλυκο χαμογελο, το ιδιο,

ανοιγω φτερα.

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