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your first concert

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 Dear members

I'm writing this new post in a topic that has been answered briefly and/or partially before on other threads and while it may have been answered slightly and not well heavily answered,

 I think its time to mention it again and bring it up

 on a new topic once more.


  with that said,

 How many of us can actually remember the very first time we saw Dalaras in concert?

  What emotions, feelings, and memories do we all have to share with one another?

 For me the enconter was spontaneous and yes very magical.

  One reason is because it was not only my first time I was going to see Dalaras Live in Concert, but

 it was also my very first Concert setting ever in a

 Theartre Auditorim atmostphere environment.

 So to be in a venue where they normally held big concerts form top artists all over the world and this event was a greek concert with the best singer of Greece was a memmorable experieice I shall never forget and was truly the icing on the cake.

 I was a Dalras fan for 10 years before I could see him live so I was awaiting the moment for quite some time.  Me and a friend of mine at that time had tried to sneak in early on during the sound check preliminaries just to catch a wimp of Dalaras before the show, and do I dare say it to speak with him too.

  But alas, the promoters cautht us asked us to state our buisiness there and denied us access.  

 Thus we were shown out and had to wait later on that evening like everyone else to see him play and hear him sing.

  so moving on,

 But with all the lighting effects they had throughout the songs of Nikolopoulos, Tsitsanis, Loizos and Kouyoumtzis it was literally breathtaking!

  And yes his voice cuts like a razor sharp knife over the acoustics and mix.

 He had everyone stunned and wanting more after

his Latin song 'Una Moneda le'.

 and of course Paraponemen Logia

  It was really good!!


 Yet still somewhat disappointing I wasn't allowed to see him personally up close so

 I had to wait the folowing year

  in Chicago

  to see him when he performed that benefit concert for Cyrpus.

  That was just as good as the one in Detroit but didn't feature all of his greatist hits since this was a special concert dedicated for the justice of Cyprus.

 I have heard people tell me that the first time they see and hear Dlaras it is very special and moving,

 yet from there one somehow, its never quite the same.

  My father noticed it too the 2nd time he saw him which was the first for me.

 He thought the concert he gave in 1983, which was the first itme he saw him,  was better.

  the 1983 Tour  featured 2 bouzoukia, so maybe he was being partial and a bit bias here and thought the promoters from the 1993 Tour had cheapened the concert the 2nd time around.

 Couldn'lt tell you for sure since I wasn't at the concert in 1983.


 from there on the last two times I saw Dalaras live

  it wasn't quite like the first two times.

  Dalaras appeared to sing less and the people sang more.

   Perhaps the magic was still there for new comers

 but  for the regular die hards,  it didn't quite seem to have the same earthshaking goosebumps feeling.

   Don't take me wrong for,

  My last two concerts with Dalaras were not disappointing; but I guess like people say about a movie

  that is:

nothing can beat the original once sequels tend to follow it.


 The same ideology can be said of junkies,

 for they always need a higher dosage to get their fix in.

    Same effect here!

  I'm always wanting more from Dalaras live to get my high in feeling astonished

  That way the groupies will always

  yell at the end of his performance:


So now what do the other members here think?

 Is your first concert with Dalaras just as good and memorable as the last time you saw him in concert?

  Lets hear what everyone else has to share.

(Edited by Christo at 2:27 pm on Oct. 3, 2001)

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Christo, the first time was very special to me...It was in Patra 3,5 years ago. You are right, there is nothing like the first time you see Dalaras live, but I think he always find new ways to make each concert really special. Usually when I leave from a concert I think "that was a very special concert". I think that is one of Dalaras's great advantages.

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I think it "will be" the most remarkable day of my life.I say "will be",because I have never been to a Dalaras Concert yet:(.I almost know everything about him and have approximately 80 of his albums but have never had the chance to see him on stage,other then TV.Once he had a mini-concert in Turkey (in Gokceada,an Aegean Island of Turkey) but I heard about it after the concert.What a pity!I

I hope I see him in a concert in the very near future.Very near...

S Gursu

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My first concert of Dalaras was in september of 1985.I had just gotten married and had just returned from my honeymoon in Hawaii...As we returned i found out that Dalaras was to come to Florida with Haris Alexiou,Nikolopoulos,lefteris Zervas..We had to drive 8 hours away to see Dalaras but it was worth every hour of Driving......

            I had discovered Dalaras in the late 70's and by the early 80's i had fallin in love with his music and could not stop listening to the Live concert from Orfeos(ta tragoudia mou)..

                  The concert was wonderful and his voice blew me away.I could not beleave that any artist could sound better live than on a recording.Dalaras is one of the few artists who's voice  cannot truly be captured on a recording..To hear hisvoice echoing off the theatre walls is spectacular....

        The other thing that amazed me was how great the band sounded and how tight they were.

            It was an amazing experiense that i will never forget......That was my first Dalaras concert.I have been to several more in the following years and still enjoy every minute of every show.


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It was a summer in the early 80s. I don't remember what year, although I remember the day. I was at the beach when my mother comes and says: Come on we are going home. I said why? She didn't tell. I couldn't drive at the time so we took the bus to my hometown. As we are entering the city, I saw the promotional stuff, all around the place. I turn to my mother and say. I am going to Dalaras tomorrow night and if you had other plans, I am sorry. She says: I know, that's why we are here (this woman never stops amazing me).

Anyway, the concert was next day. He was singing with Haris Alexiou (whose concert had been cancelled a year ago because of a horrible rain). With whom I went and other details are not important. What is important is that when I got there and found a seat, I told myself: This is too far. I have been waiting for this too long. So, I jumped into the stadium and sat right under the stage. In ten minutes the whole track was full of people, and when the cops decided to do something about it, it was too late.

Anyway, I don't think I can describe how I felt. I don't remembered. I was so drunk from the music, so high from the voice, so happy from the songs that I must have had a totally stupid look on my face. When they were playing Θα σου φύγω στο 'χα πει, I was dancing around with a lot of other people but I couldn't take my eyes off the stage. And given the stupid look on my face, when he looked at me, I must have had a smile up to my ears, so he shook his head laughing and gave me the thumb up.

Haris Alexiou said in that concert: "Remember my friends how our concert got cancelled last year because of this horrible rain? Well this year I made sure it wouldn't happen again. I came with George. Because it is impossible to rain in a city where George is playing". Well, things may have changed between them since then, but.......

Since then I have seen him many many many times. Every single year, nore than once (some years much more than once), even after I came here. And to answer Christo's question (I believe Christo asked this): Every time seems to be better than the previous one. Every single time he amazes me. It can be a song, it can be the whole program, it can be something he does, every single time, I feel it's better and better (it doesn;t matter if this the way I want to feel, what matters is that I feel that way). Even two months ago in Saratoga, where he sang a few songs.

Well there it is. If you are allergic to long messages you can avoid reading this one. Nobody will find out.

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Soc, I read it all, your post. I'm not allergic to long messages, I am allergic to rain. Let George give many many concert in Belgium ...


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Story telling.

I love stories. Thank you all!!!

Here's mine.

It was in  1991. I was a student in Leiden and my landlady and friend had introduced me to Dalaras' music sometime before... (for the full story of that, dig out the topic "how I became a Dalaras addict").

And in november that year he CAME to give a concert in Rotterdam.

I can't really remember any details. We had good seats, close to the stage, and what I remember is him (the person, I mean, the presence). And the voice. And me being completely out of the world - stoned as a shrimp as we say in Holland - on the singing.

And unbearable frustration at knowing so few of the songs. I drove me crazy! Everyone singing and me, bursting but dumb.

I remember Παραπονεμενα Λογια, which I could (and did) sing. I remember Μη μιλας and Manuella (curiously, neither of them a top favourite with me).

But mostly, I remember him. It is true that he is magic, carries a blessing with him. It really is.

Day after tomorrow. Third time. I don't know how it can possibly be better than the second, but I trust him.

And if it does rain... he'll make a rainbow.

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If you find the rainbow, make a picture of it please.

Have a good time, enjoy, which you will, I'm sure.

And I hope to be able to come to Amsterdam.


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