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 This topic is to discuss the bandmembers that have come and gone. Toured and left while performing with Dalaras.

  You know how eveyone by now has commented I wish Dalaras did more of this and a little less of that.

And we say to among ourselves, well if all's he did was just one genre, would he still be as popular today as he might have been then?  Sometimes the change is for the better and like anything else it takes time to groom into it.

  Now this methodology is no different to all the musicians past and present that have performed with Dalaras on and off the stage. But primarilyl on stage though.

 While Dalaras was hot and attracting new audiences in the late 80's with the release of the Latin album, and them later on in the early 90's with the Mh Milas album, Dalaras had what I would consider the best musicians and the finest orchestra to back him up.


 Let me round up some name here to speak of:

1.  Filipos Tsemberoulis (Winds-Flute, Sax, Clarinet

2.  Christos Zervos (Guitar, Oud, Baglama)

3.  NIkos Zervos (Keyboads)

4.  Dimitris Kostopoulos (Keyboards, synthesizers)  

5.  Kosts Ganoselis (Plicktra- Piano)

6.  Lefteris Zervos (Violin)

7.  Takis Mpourmas (Bass)

8.  Apostolis Anthimos (Krousta-Percussion)

9.  Andreas Mouzakis (Drums)

10. Giannis Spathas (Guitar) just to name a few

 and last but not least of course most importantly,

11.   Mikis Mavropoulos (Bouzouki) and

12.   Christos Constantinos (Bouzouki)

 In my opinion, this was the finest band Dalaras had back then, I was surprised and somewhat sad to see them break apart when he started using other new musicians.

Maybe it was time for a switch I don't know. Whoever plays with Dalaras today is going to be just as good without a doubt. Just like when he has Nikoloupoulos to accompany him on the Bouzouki or DiMeola to add a lead Guitar piece in.

 However, I do vouch for the former group he had because I have several videos of those musicians all performing on stage with Dalaras at that time and it was like 2nd Nature for them because each and every one of them knew what Dalaras needs and to bring it out on stage to make him sing great.

  They were extremly tight which is why Dalaras at that time had the finest orchestra around to produce and help create that wonderful magic throughout those years.


 From the Katrakion Video to the Meadowlands Arena, And I got to see this same orchestra perform live 2wice with Dalaras within 2 years apart.

 Now he has Manolis Karantidis to play Bouzouki for him and he is a great Bouzouksis too. But How long will he stay before someone else fits and steps in his shoes?   Who knows.

 BTW, does anybody know what ever happened to Mavropoulos or where is playing today?

 And on last note before I leave and say adue,

Three people I know of that Dalatas still uses today in his crew are


1. His wife of course as Production Manager

2. Mike Cooper whose in charge of Lighting

3. Kostas Konstantinopoulos as Technical Director

4. Kostas Kantzoglou from Encore Entertainment as booking agent.

   What else can we add on to here?

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  I can't believe no-one commented on my post.

It seems pretty bad if I have to  reply to my own topic?

 Surely someone here must have on opinion about this??

BUT ALAS, it goes right back to my theory,

 Only the fans adore the star (usually the singer or whoever is the main star of the show)

never so much as to whom is backing up the star in his/her group (whether it being dancers, backup vocalists, the BAND, other musicians, etc., etc.,)

 okay I think my point of view came across

being that I liked Dalaras band and knew of their names.

  Because I'm curious and wanted to find out more doesn't mean that NO one else here does. or does it?

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Christo it looks like i answered about this post(which musicians were better for Dalaras) in backstage experiences topic.......sorry....

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Sorry Christo, I haven't had time to read all the forums yet.

I don't know all the names but really like the flute player Filippos, I think he's amazing and the guy who does percussions, I think he's fun to watch as well as he really gets into it and seems to enjoy himself so much.  I can't remember his name and don't have a programme with me to check, I think someone mentioned him in another topic.

As for the bouzouki players they have always been excellent but of course the best being Christos Nikolopoulos but Manolis is good too.

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