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Your 1st Concert experience

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Hi folks just taking another census here,

I thought I'd ask everyone to share their thoughts on the first time they witnessed and observed Dalaras Live in Concert for the first time.

Some people have told me that after you see Dalaras live the first time, its never quite the same again.

"Almost like falling in love" "You don't quite fall in love again like that with your heart the 2nd time around.

Well something like that But maybe not quite that dramatic or emotional but pretty close.

I have to attest that with my first time seeing Dalaras was in 1993 after waiting 10 yrs to see him and it was quite a phenomenal experience.


The lights, the sound, that voice Ohh wow that voice

and the ambience in the theartre it was everything I thought it would be.

And I couldnt wait for the next one as I wanted to cherish every moment as before,.

But my father too had a chance to see him again with me and he was not that impressed as the first time he saw Dalaras back in 1983.

The concert he saw with Dalaras was similar to that of the "Orfeus concert' which featured 2 bouzoukia.

In my first concert, Mikis Mavropoulos was the main & only featured Bouzouksis, therefore in my fathers opinion they thought the promoters had cheapened the show.

I couldnt say for sure, but the following year I did get to see Dalaras perform for the that benefit concert "Justice for Cyprus"

and he sounded wonderful again probably because he wasnt stressed from a heavy tour and he was in good spirits too,.

But I did notice he didn't take many requests there as he did the previous year from his regular tour program.

From there on, the next 2 times I noticed that magic was there but not as extensive as that very 1st or 2nt time around. It seemed to have diminished.

One reason could be that I managed to catch Dalaras on the last part of his tour both times before heading back to Greece,.

Maybe his voice was tired from singing so much, that there wasnt that much magic left in these performances.

Don't know

And as I have not seen him perform live in Greece I can't fairly well form an opinion as to what its like to see him there perform every night like say

in Iera Odos or Zygos.

One things certain though, in my 3rd concert with him in Cleveland, the sound system was not ready to go on time and thus the show started late and Dalaras could not give his all during his program with the fact he was already tired from his tour.

The last time during the Millineum Tour, he managed to have us (primarily me as I was about the only one barve in there) to sing all the old songs to his Classic hits. Yes Olga I'm referring to the Kouyoumtzis songs.

Sounds alot reminiscent to the 'Apo Kardias CD' right?

hmm could be, dont know but thats what happens when you catch his act at the end even though he claims he wanted to listen to the Greek voices of Chicago.

I think the best way to see Dalaras is to make sure its in the beginning

part of his tour while hes still Eneregtic, focused and of course there should be no trouble with the sound system or instruments at all.


So people what do you think?

Is it best only the first time around when seeing Dalaras

or does every one still find that Great Magic still alive after the 2nd and 3rd time around?


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Η πρώτη φορά που τον άκουσα ήταν σε συναυλία στην Πετροπύπολη με τους Αγαμοι Θύτες!!!!!!Δεν θυμάμε, όμως ποιά χρονιά ήταν!!!!!!!Φανταστήτε ότι είχα πάει για τους ’γαμους και όχι για τον Νταλάρα (Φαν του Νταλάρα έγινα το καλοκαίρι του 1996-με το cd μεθυσμένα τραγούδια!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :huh:

Μπορώ να πω, όμως ότι ήταν μια αφορμή για να διορθώσω αυτό μου το λάθος!!!!!!!!!!!

Η πρώτη, λοιπόν, φορά ήταν τον Ιανουάριο του 1997 στην Ιερά Οδό με τους Πυξ Λαξ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Σίγουρα σαν την πρώτη φορά δεν είναι καμιά συναυλία, αλλά κάθε μια έχει τη δικιά της...............γλύκα :blink:

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The first Dalaras concert i went to was one with Papakonstantinou...

I was about 5 years old, i think, although i am not sure... I was crazy with Dalaras, but i was too young to understand anything...

The second was at the 2001 the Fillipoi theater, again! That night, i had a terrible pain at my leg, so, i could not understand many things... i was only thinking when would we leave...

So, the first Concert i REALLY enjoyed was the Prespes, August 2002 one, where George sang only a few songs, enough to make me ULTRA CRAZY :) ... So, i need to watch a full concert :) i hope this one will be at zygos this month :blush:

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